FF-sispm:Helper app

Purpose of this app

This is (due request) a way to access the Gembird SISPM surge protectors from command line. With this app you can do the following from shell:


Because this app is designed running as a batch (headless without user control) there is no protection with active/passive anymore. OFF means off, ON means on - instantly - so take care if you switch sockets on or off unconditionally and do not harm yourself or anybody near the device you turn off/on. I also advise you, to check the socket status afterwards if its has the desired mode (on or off) and then include proper error handling if this is not the case. And because of batch operation, you need to test your workflow because constantly switching on/off might harm your devices.


To use this app, you must find your way into the the app bundle and call the helper app with an absolute path. Please do not copy the app somewhere else because the helper app shares the same codebase and needs the same environment (even that it comes without a gui).

Remember, that you should not modify the app bundle itself because this will break the code signing and you need to down load the complete app again.

Recommended way is to build an absolute path to the helper app and use this path
You will find the helper app in the MacOS directory of the FF-sispm app bundle, it is named FF-sispm-helper.
If you get the error, that the main application bundle is not found, then please check the path, the helper will only run within the bundle but must be called with an absolute path.

The app controlled behavior with the buzzer status is not implemented in the helper app. However, it tries to read the FF-sispm settings and set the buzzer accordingly (during app start)

Commandline for FF-sispm-helper

Please note, that all output is formatted to be used with shell and easy processing with tools like awk. There will be NO translation for the helper app, the output will always be english and special care is taken, NOT to break the formatting on future releases.

Command line switches:

General guidelines