FF-sispm control GEMBIRD SISPM

version 0.2.2
license public domain
license mac app store
plattform Intel
MacOS X 10.6 and later

This cocoa application lets you control the 4 power sockets of the SISPM device (Gembird Silvershield) via USB with your mac.

Beginning with version 0.2.2 you now can use a helper tool, which allows you access from command line.

0.2.x will be the last free version - the major version after that (0.3.0) will contain an interface to program the internal scheduler (and will be available in the mac app store then). If you don't need this, you can still use the free app to control your sockets.

0.2.3 prerelease info

Work on 0.2.3 has begun, this are the planned changes:

Please see the FAQ in the online doc section for more information!

0.3.0 prerelease info

0.3.0 will require Mac OS Lion.

I will release 0.3.0 when I have moved by development mac to Lion - still not done so far...

0.2.1 is still available for those who are not able to use the mac app store. Currently no further changes are planned on the free version (there is neither feedback nor any incentive from flattr (still 0 at 20.2.2012) to spend any time on this)