FF-lkcastle: alliance support

Alliance support will help middle and large alliances to organize themselves and provide some central information store, usable to control and plane you strategic moves.

The only way to edit these values is to provide at some point a edited default.alliance.plist and handout the URL to all users who should use this. Because this is a public URL you should not put secret informations in the motd.

Please also note, that the group names normally visbile anyways (in the name tag of the players) and the roles should not give any information because you can not know which role is used and if, on with castle

push information

push information is a mechanism, which allows you to push up your castle information using iCloud. It works this way:

  1. player adds every castle he controls in FF-lkcastle
  2. player pushed data to the icloud
  3. player forward the generated URL to the upper hub

There is no limit of "pushing up", so for example if you have the structure: region - team - player, then each player pushes up to the team leader which pushes up to the region leader. The region leader finally pushes the data up the the alliance group coordinator which at this point has ALL informations of all players for all organizational units.

The information is protected by the URL - without knowing the URL, you can not read the data.

But why should I?

You can do the following with the aggregated data: