FF-lkcalc: tools tab

  1. load attacker / defender
  2. save attacker / defender
  3. show last notification
  4. calculate distance
  5. pad

load attacker / defender

You can load the save attacker list with that button. This will load all attackers and the defender last time you saved it. The current defined data gets overwritten by this.

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save attacker / defender

This will save the current attacker (or all attackers if there are more then one) and the defender.

There is only 1 generation, saving means overwriting the previous saved attacker / defender setup.

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show last notification

If there is a new notification, the app will ask you, if it should be displayed. If you answer no then the information would be lost (although you can fire the event from within the notification center [swipe down from top to middle]). For this reason the app caches all notifications it sees during runtime. You can view them with this function. As soon as you had viewed them here, it will be removed from the list (so you can view only once). If you choose yes to the question "Display notification" it will be not stored (because you already had seen it).

So if you have multiple notification waiting to be displayed, this function can do this, one by one. The number in square brackets show the number of notifications the app currently has saved.

The information is not saved between app invocations - so if you restart the app, it does not know anything about previous events (if it was terminated - when the app stays in the background, the information is preserved)

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calculate distance between 2 castles

This dialog lets you the distance in field between 2 castles.

screenshoot of calculate distance dialog

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Ever wanted to copy a castle link AND a player link into the same message? Only to see, that each copy will replace the previous one? Well, pad can help you in this case.

screenshoot of pad dialog

The pad is just a field where you can paste multiple links (this is useful when you want to post something on the LK forum where you want to post more than one link.)

As soon as you press done%20button the contents of the text area is saved. Even when the app is terminate and removed from memory, the contents are saved between the invocations of FF-lkcalc if you saved before with the Done button.

The copy button does overwrite the content of the current paste board with the content of the text area, paste will insert the paste board at the current cursor position.

To use this, you will have to work the following way:

  1. copy the link in LK app to the paste board (e.g. copy castle link)
  2. close LK app
  3. open FF-lkcalc
  4. go to tools tab, select pad and paste the current paste board into the text area. Press done%20button to save it.
  5. repeat above steps for each link you want to use in your message
  6. when done, press copy
  7. switch to LK app and paste the contents of the text area (which now can contain multiple links) into your message.

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