FF-lkcalc: privacy statement

There are currently 2 different parts which can operate with the internet:

  1. in app purchase to extend the feature list of this application
  2. testflight functions

app store

Basically controlled by apple, I will download the list of allowed products and present this in the inapp store for you, so that you might buy it (that is my hope at least).

If you buy something, apple will create a transaction on their servers, you can later restore all buyed items with that information (if you change your device you can retrieve the buyed items again). And of course there will be billing information (also totally handled by apple).

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testflight functions

testflightapp is a handy service, that support developers with some additional features.

I use the following features from them:

Since the use of UDID is now deprecated (and apple has started to reject apps which have used it) I can be only use this in adhoc builds outside the appstore for testing only (if I manage to get some brave testers). At the other hand, because of missing identification, the following is true:
All data send with prod version is anonymous and has no identification data attached.

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