FF-lkcalc: buyable features list

  1. multiple attackers
  2. detailed fight
  3. push notification
  4. calculate attack time

multiple attackers


Multiple attackers mean, that you can simulate a full blown attack to a single target. Since you can enter individual distances for each attacker, you will see the overall runtime of your troops.

Other features will use multiple attackers if present (fight simulation), if you also have buyed the notification via local push event, you can generate for each attacker an own event.

Where will this feature be visible after buying?

There is no visual change in the application, however you can create more than one attacker after buying (there is currently no hard limitation but at some point you will run out of memory)

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detailed fight


Detailed fight allows you to define researchable features on attacker or defender side, which increases the attack value or the defender value.

Where will this feature be visible after buying?

After buying this feature, you will see 2 additional buttons:

  1. For the attacker:
    add or edit an attacker then in the bottom of the screen: AttackDetailsButton
  2. For the defender:
    add or edit the defender, then in the bottom of the screen:

This feature is not available until p21 is fixed.

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notification via local push event


With the distance given of each attacker, a troop runtime is calculated (with the slowest troop defining the speed). If you have multiple attackers, this will be done for all attackers currently defined.

If you had entered a planned attack date, the time when the push notification will fire will be calculated in the following way:

  1. calucluate the runtime of troops and subtract it from the planned attack date
  2. subtract the time given in the settings to give you some time to setup the troups before the attack point is reached.

Where will this feature be visible after buying?

In the "plan attack time window, there is now a "setup reminder" button, which can be clicked on each attacker. This will setup a local push notification when troops for this attacker must be started to reach at the target at the planned time.

Why can't I buy this feature?

To buy this feature, you need first an other feature:plan attack time. As long as you did not had bought this feature, the status of this will be red and you can not buy it.

What happens if the planned time is reached but the app is not running?

IOS will then start the application and the app will present you the event information.

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plan attack time


This will calculate the attack time for you. The attack time is the point in time where you must start you troops so that they will reach the target at the point you have given. This is a common way to synchronize attacks to minimize losses.

The time calculated is the exact time where you troops must start to reach the target in time. Since setting up troops does take time you want to start early so that you can click the attack button in the right moment.

Where will this feature be visible after buying?

If you buy this feature, a new button in the middle of the screen will be visible and you can use it to access the function.

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