FF-lkcalc: app settings

The settings are divided into 4 groups:

  1. general
  2. attack research
  3. defense research
  4. other settings


picture of general settings

If this is enabled, the app is allowed to use internet resources. You need this on for the 2 next features.

initial store request connects to app store and loads all known products for this app, if you disable this, the store wont work but is not connected when apps start (bought features stay useable of course).

Turning off internet access should made the app totally passive (not using any remote resources) - at least I tried hard and that is the desired behaveiour.

if you switch testflightapp off, the following features will not work:

Please consider to enable this as I can use the checkpoints for an analysis which functions are used in the application. (and therefore are a candidate for enhancement) - please remember that all data is anonymous and there is no trackback possible with checkpoints (basically it is a counter over all users who have enabled this).

The research settings are intended for the detailed fight (which you can buy in the in app purchase).
They are the default values if you create a new attacker / defender. They will not influence the settings in the free version (how the fight will be calculated).

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attack research

picture of attack research settings

With these 4 options you can control which of these features are enabled / disabled when you create a new attacker and you have bought the fight details features (allowing research for attacker and defender).

These are only defaults, you can set each attacker (if you have bought the multiple attacker extension) with a different set of research options.

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defense research

picture of defense research settings

This is the same like the attacker research defaults but now for the defender. These values will be used each time you define a fresh new defender.

Of course you can have different values on the defender, these are just defaults.

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picture of other settings

night fight

This is the default value for the fight simulator.


currently disabled, changing it here has no effect in fight simulation engine.


this is the default value of the fortification for a new defender.

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