current version 0.1.0  (free with inapp purchase) icon of FF-pwgen
next version 0.1.1 (planned)
plattform iphone
IOS 5.x and later

This is a fight calculator and provides some other handy tools (this is orientated at the game play of Lords and Knights)

This app is not related to the official app from By XYRALITY GmbH. If you have problems with it, dont go to their support - they can't help you. If you need support look at the fftools blog or write me a mail.

help wanted

I'm now looking for some testers - if you like to help finding bugs, you can send me a mail (you will find my email in the impressum). (Please note, that I only know english - far from perfect and my mother language german - so you have to speak one of those 2. If you are sending me a mail, please provide you name, age and some background, these information will be treated with respect and will not get published)

Please note the following:

key features (free version)

key features (pro version)

The app is currently not activated with voice over - you can use it but since that are some information is presented visually (e.g. selected attacker) I consider this as very hard.

I already did this for a different app and I have this still on the list but it is a considerable amount of work if you want to do it right.

This has currently low priority, you can change this by sending me a email - if I receive some of them I will raise the priority.