FF-hashdrop: filter

There is now a search field in the upper right corner, it allows you to filter the displayed results with 4 different categories. Keep in mind, that the application sees everything as string, do not omit leading zeros when entering hash searches.

file the search string will show all files which containing the search string
within hash the search string must be contained in the hash string
beginning of hash the search string is matched from the beginning of the hash
end of hash the search string is matched from the end of the hash
cancel filter this displays all lines again

Note:In the lower right corner (just above the clear results button) is a small display, what is currently filtered and how what the total number of entries is

If you have a large result set (> 20,000) you will see a delay when typing into the search field because there is a live update in the table view of the results. Please bring some patience then...

The filter is always a case insensitive search.