FF-hashdrop: show duplicates

New in Version 0.1.2 is the ability to search for duplicates within calculated results. This function will work as soon all files are processed (it will not work during file scanning )

If you try to start this function during other operations are running (save, load, drap&drop etc.) you will trigger a warning sheet, that will inform you, that it is currently not possible to start dupe detection right now.

You can start duplicate detection, when you see a green frame (meaning: nothing currently running)

The dupe detection is done by comparing every file with any other file, which is time consuming. For this reason a progress bar will be shown, if the calculation takes longer than one second. (basically these are n * (n-1) comparisons, where n is the number of files currently in list)

Note:Duplication detection is not the primary function of this tool, it is just possible because the app knows already the calculated hashes of every file. Even that the comparison is quite fast (it takes a reasonable time because there are only string comparisons done on the result and that only if a the size is equal).

There is no way to sort the results, you must use a filter to find the matching pairs. Just set filter to beginning or end of hash and type the first byte into search.

duplicates are the number of files which have at least 1 doublet
doublets If there are 2 files with identical size and hash, there is one duplication with 2 doublets