FF-hashdrop: Service

Beginning with version 0.1.1 you can use the service menu. Basically this means, that some services of this app are usable in other applications.

The current implementation model gives you 2 different options, how you can utilize services with FF-hashdrop:

  1. calculate a hash on a marked/selected object
  2. add files / folders to the application

As soon as you have marked or selected an item, you can try to obtain a hash for this (FF-hashdrop knows many formats, it will iterate over the raw data and calculates the hash).

Example:    cara mia    md5 hash: B0:49:EC:D7:69:9E:8D:47:00:AC:C5:E2:4F:57:20:44

Select the 2 words "cara mia", choose "compute md5" and insert the result from the clipboard.

With the second method you can select files/folders in a finder window and activate the service. This will load them into FF-hashdrop and calculate the hash for the selected.

Question: Why do these mentioned options are not displayed in application X ?

Answer:Make sure, that you have copied something into the clipboard - otherwise Mac OS X cannot guess the format of data and as thus, will not enable the service.