FF-hashdrop: offline lists

Idea of this functionality is, that you can store the calculated check sums and retrieve this list later and apply it again to the same set of files.

With a stored list, you can then check if the current file are the same or if they are changed (resulting in a different checksum)

Another use of this function is to compare 2 different removable disks/sticks if they have the same files saved or if you produce a number of media with the same content, you can use this for finding copy errors before delivery.

generate a file list

To generate a file list, do the following steps:

  1. generate a list of check files (drag & drop files from finder into the table view)
  2. wait until the calculation of all files is finished
  3. save the file list by selecting file -> save list
use a file list

To utilize the a stored file list, you just need to load it, after the list is loaded, it begins to compare against the listed files. This means, the files must not be moved and will be located exact at the same place when this list was created.

During compare it is needed to calculate the hash again which is then compared against the stored hash - this may take some time depending and how many and how big the files in your list are.

if a entry differs, it will be highlighted in the list.

The application will check the size of the files before calculating the check sum (saved vs. actual). If the size is not equal, the file will be flagged as not equal without calculating the hash.