Release Notes for FF-hashdrop

Release Description
(build ?)
FF-hashdrop (planned)


  • p59 complete rebuild
  • p58 crash on mavericks 10.9
  • p1 load and save file format of md5summer
  • p26 quick view of hashed files now possible with context menu
  • p29 make application ready for new sandbox rules
(Build 4)
  • fixed bugs

    • fixed an issue, which caused a display delay during batch load. This is now fixed.

    • fixed an issue, which caused that loading files/folders via service menu in a finder window was not working.

    • sudden termination now disabled during saving a file list

    • fixed a issue, which cause growl updates (at least every 7 seconds) to be skipped

  • Improvements

    • new visual app status display, the box around the table view which displays the results and the file names has now 3 different colors:

      • red
        Application is stopping all running threads and discarding results - please wait
      • orange
        Application is working for you - press clear results to stop and discard
      • green
        Application is idle and waiting for your requests

    • app now runs in a sandbox - this will deny any network ability to/from this app (kSBXProfileNoNetwork, see "man sandbox_init" if you are interested in this)

    • added results filter. You can now filter you results with searches against calculated hash sums or filenames.

    • added a dupe finder. If you have calculated your hashes, you can now try to find dupes within the results.

    • You can now delay GUI updates for improved overall performance, if you have jobs with more then 10,000 files, this will improve performance considerably. However, the updates to the gui display are then not accurate because the threads for calculation and file scanning are constantly "stealing" the cpu from the main thread, which handles the gui.

      Note:If you are working with a massive parallel start (e.g. dropping multiple folders on to FF-hashdrop) you may see major delays on gui responsiveness once more then 100 calculation threads are running and you have enabled low GUI priority.

      Enabling lower GUI priority will also allow the threads to run at maximal performance and only the Mac OS X scheduler will distribute the CPU resources - this can to lead a beach ball when the main thread does not get enough resources to drive the gui / runloop etc. You have been warned.

    • added a growl message, when all files are calculated

  • 0.1.1
    (Build 2)
    small improvement
    • known problems

      • When loading a large batch or one with large files, it seems that the application is freezing. This is caused by no "visible ui" during batch load (while in fact the files are loaded and calculated).

        Workaround:A progress indicator was added to show internal activity.

      • When selecting files in a finder window and sending them via service menu to the application, a internal timing issue prevents these files from being added to the list of files to be processed.

        This will be fixed in upcoming 0.1.2.

        Workaround:You can use the following methods to add files to the calculation list:

        1. drap & drop to main window
        2. drag & drop to dock icon
        3. load them via offline list

    • fixed bugs

      • removed logging to /tmp (this could happen if an API gave an error and there was no direct GUI representation for this)
        All problems are now flagged in the status line (this is where the hash could would appear) or by sheets, which will inform you about the problem.

      • batch differences (when you load from a file list) were always flagged as SHA1 diff, even when the used algorithm was MD5. This was only a display issue and means that the MD5 value was different.

    • Improvements

      • added SHA256 as hash algorithm
        Note:offline lists saved with 0.1.1 can not be loaded with 0.1.0 if SHA256 is used.

      • added service (see here for more info)

      • streamlined "start of calculation":
        now when dropping something new on to the app, the previous results are always cleared. This clearing operation is the same like pressing the "clear results" button.
        Note:because this is an async operation and the highly threaded nature of this app, you may now see a small delay between dropping something and starting the calculation of the checksums (this is caused by the termination of the running threads)

      • You can now drop files/folders on to the app icon. If the application is currently not running, it will be started.

    (Build 1)
    initial release
    • known bugs
      • none
    • Improvements
      • none
    • new features
      • none