Known issues

Release Description
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  • p48
    online help missing
  • features

  • p59
    complete rebuild necessary to move FF-hashdrop to 10.9
    • use ARC
    • remove log4cocoa and switch to ASL
    • remove GROWL and use notification center
    • remove deprecated APIs
  • p1
    loading and saving the md5summer format so that this app can be used as native replacement for OS X users when swapping files with windows users
  • p26
    context menu of hashed file now allows to "quick view" that file
  • p29
    make the app ready the new sandbox rules which are enforced at 1st june 2012.

    Note: This is necessary to make a stable version, because apple is very eager to crash your apps if they are not ready for this sandbox game.

  • p49
    add preferences, clean up main windows
  • p58
    App crashes on Mavericks (Mac OS X 10.9) - currently investigating.