What is this?

The basic vision behind the ff_tools collection is to provide you high quality tools for free that can compete with shareware or even commercial products.

For free? Really?

Yes. All releases are uncrippled and have full functionality. However, if you do use and like these tools you might want to ensure, that these tools do not vanish because the author has no incentive to continue the development. Please see the funding section if like to know, how you can help (you will find the licensing terms in the FAQ under help).

To make it even easier for those who feel not comfortable using things entirely for free I have added flattr buttons in various places of this site.

As you can see on you own, people don't really care. Most of the time I get negative voting's without a reason/explanation why, flattr.com is a nice idea but it does not work. I wished that at least the cost of this site could be driven by flattr but not even that does work out.
I now use a new model, where the basic application is still free, but valuable features can be ordered or enhanced via inapp purchase. Plan is to earn enough money to drive this site and the yearly apple developer subscription for IOS and OS X.

What is the commercial license?

If you work in a larger organization, freeware tools are often not used, not because they are free but there is no support available and using them is a risk if you run into trouble, also there is no guarantee, that bugs are fixed. Additionally with a commercial license you can hire the author to add changes you my wish to see in the application. You do not need the commercial license when using the application within a commercial entity.

However, since commercial license is not expensive you might want to support the current development with such a license even if you do not need the support but you need a invoice with value added tax.